Pregnancy Photography

I adore pregnant bodies. They're fascinating and beautiful.


I am happy to work with you to create a session that speaks to your personality and image goals. 

Pregnancy photography sessions are all 1-hour and come with 10 images of your choice.

Here are my different approaches to a pregnancy session.

All About that Belly 

Here we focus on that beautiful protruding belly and the most amazing cleavage you've ever had. We'll find some beautiful light and capture your pregnant body in all its life-giving glory.  

perfect for you if

You're feeling a bit self-conscious but you still want to document and have beautiful photos of your rapidly changing body. 

Everyday Casual

This approach doesn't focus in on your body, instead, it just becomes a part of the story. This is more about capturing your everyday life before your new arrival. I'm always happy to make time for some belly shots as well. 

perfect for you if

You want a super casual session and you would like a partner, pets, and/or other kids or family members to be in the photos as well. 

Everyday Real

This is intimate and wonderful and everything this photographer lives for. This is about getting personal, and opening up about your pregnancy journey. We would have a chat about what exactly you want your session to be about, and I come up with a creative concept to bring your vision to reality. This is about showcasing your emotions in a visually artistic way. 

perfect for you if

You are a fearless mama-to-be who wants to have some real and raw art pieces that reflect the reality of your pregnancy journey. 

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